Wednesday 24 January 2007

Zero-Defect Code

I was surprised and flattered today when my tech lead casually mentioned that I'm "the only developer he knows that writes bug-free code."

I find the concept of zero-defect code quite interesting and suggested that if it is true that I write defect-free code, perhaps I plan to do so from the get go. I stuttered on about hanging up "DO GOOD WORK" signs around the office and how I think it is possible to write defect-free code if you try.

I don't consider myself a slow coder and I believe strongly that quality doesn't cost money; I am, however, calculated and organised. I also take the time to step through my code and review it a few days or weeks after writing it.


  1. First entry of many I suspect:

    What's this zero-defect garbage all about.
    That's not the way I brought you up.
    Hack until things work, quality is for time wasters.

  2. Interesting to know.


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