Friday 21 March 2008

Say Goodbye, Google AdSense

By the number of ads on this page you may have noticed I'm a Google AdWords user. I realised today it's been nearly a year since I signed up--mainly to track basic statistics and hopefully make a buck or two from page views.

On the stats side I've been very happy. I've watched my "readership" (or number of click-in/click-out visitors, at least--I've got no idea how many of you actually read what I write let alone who subsribes to this blog) grow steadily over the past year and it's been exciting to consider the off chance that some of you actually find my posts helpful or interesting or both.

On the financial side, however, I'm quite disappointed. As I expected, visitors don't click the AdSense links and as a result I've made a grand total of $0.63USD this year. Wow--luckily I'm not in it for the money! A New York Times article suggests only one in every six blogs receives 500 or more page views per day and at that rate you're looking at $45 a month. It's conceivable I've misconfigured something along the way but I've never found it that hard to use any of Google's numerous applications and it really shouldn't be that hard anyway.

Moreover, for all the extra clutter AdWords contributes to my blog and the internet in general, I've decided it no longer cuts the mustard. I've decided to remove the sprinkling of AdWords panels from the right column and leave a single ad in the footer of each page to continue tracking visitors. Harsh, but considering I can grab a free page tracker from anywhere, I perceive no value filling Google's coffers for minimal return.

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