Friday 16 January 2009

Perth 'Hots Up' while MOSS 2007 Jobs Cool Down

Eighteen months ago a job search on returned many pages of Perth-based jobs for SharePoint/MOSS developers and the whole situation felt out of control (kind of like today's temperature here in the city). MOSS 2007 was new-ish and the Microsoft marketing machine was working overtime. Everyone had to have MOSS and they wanted it now! As a MOSS dev looking to move employers, the streets were seemingly paved with gold--any job offer would be very much on my terms and it would pay well (especially as a contractor).

To satisfy my curiosity (I'm not job hunting at the moment), today I repeated the original search I ran on seek in mid-2007 and the results were, well... few: two listings for 'MOSS 2007' and eight listings for 'SharePoint'--only three of which included the word 'SharePoint' in the title. Maybe it's the time of year and the global economy is definitely out of sorts but I've got to admit this was surprising!

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