Saturday 28 March 2009

Clear the Flash Cache aka Local Storage

You’re probably used to the idea of session state and cookies and how to clear them using you’re favourite toolbar. Did you know the Flash plug-in also has its own client-side cache called Local Storage? Just like any other cache, stuff will occasionally get stuck in Local Storage and you may need to clear it out.

You can control your local storage settings by right-click->Settings… on any Flash movie but as far as I know you can’t clear cached data using this approach. To comprehensively clear the Local Storage cache I use this web-based tool provided by Adobe: 

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  1. Thanks! What a pain in the butt this is when developing!

    Now, if I could only clear it when the user makes a change in the database, so they can view their changes without having to shutdown and reload their browser. (Aand then, sometimes not even THAT will do it!)


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