Wednesday 2 December 2009

TFS Screen Captures with Snagit

If you’ve been working with TFS and TFS Web Access (Team Plain) you’re likely aware the product is graceless about screen captures—a critical part to describing many types of bug.

With products like JIRA you can simply PrtScn and paste the resulting screen grab directly into their web-based interface; TFS offers nothing of the sort (maybe in 2010?) and you must use a third party tool to save out your screen shot and upload it to the work item as a file attachment.

I’ve seen a few attempts to write controls to make the necessary magic happen within the Visual Studio environment but that doesn’t cut it where the majority of TFS users interact with the system through a browser. I have yet to find a solution for the browser end but in my travels did today come across a free Snagit output from TechSmith that will attach a Snagit screen shot to a work item for users with Team System installed.

As an extra output, you simply Finish your capture to the Team System output and a new work item window appears so you can fill in the basics. It’s not web-based but does work quite well, dropping the screenshot under the File Attachments tab and it is free if you’ve already got Snagit installed (which isn’t free).


  1. fun anything further on this yet? am needing something similar for the web client. thanks

  2. Afraid not and 2010 web access doesn't seem to help either.


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