Wednesday 2 June 2010

Upgrade SQL Server Edition or Change License Key

Apparently upgrading from a developer version of SQL Server is possible. These screenshots are from an MSDN installation of SQL Server 2008 and entering a non-MSDN key will presumably legitimise the bits for production use (I don’t have a retail or volume key available so this is a guess at this stage).

To get here, re-run the installation wizard and select Edition Upgrade from the Maintenance screen:

SQL Server License Key Change Edition Upgrade

Then enter your new product key or use a free edition instead:

SQL Server License Key Change Edition Upgrade 2

You can also do this at the command line:

Setup.exe /q /ACTION=editionupgrade /INSTANCENAME=<MSSQLSERVER or instancename> /PID=<PID key for new edition>" /IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS


  1. can an installation be changed from Enterprise to Standard?

  2. No. SQL Server does not allow downgrades.

  3. Can the license key be changed for the same version, i.e. without upgrade? I have an MSSQL install that was purchased by one department but now a new department wants to take over the install and want to use their own license.


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