Sunday 28 September 2008

Understanding Paths in MOSS, .ddf files, manifest.xml files, and elements.xml files

Understanding the various MOSS file paths can be a bit frustrating at times. Here's my cheatsheet:
  • Package.ddf: The ddf directives specify the path to the physical files to be copied to the .cab/.wsp file. .Set DestinationDir sets the target location within the .cab file (like a folder); all other paths are relative to the file system location of the .ddf file itself. 
  • Manifest.xml: Instructs SharePoint where to deploy the files held in the cabinet. File paths depend on the containing XML element: assembly paths are relative to the target /bin directory, TemplateFiles are relative to the 12-hive's TEMPLATE directory, DwpFiles are relative to the wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\wpcatalog directory, and FeatureManifests and Resources are both relative to the 12-hive's TEMPLATE\FEATURES directory.
  • Feature.xml: ElementFile locations are relative to the directory structure where the feature is installed (eg. as specified in Manfiest.xml)
  • Elements.xml (via Feature.xml): Module URLs are targets within MOSS; File URLs are relative to the Module URL
This list is a work in progress--your feedback is appreciated!

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