Friday 3 October 2008

Burning with FeedBurner - MyBrand and CNAME and 404

I just decided to burn this blog with FeedBurner. You can now subscribe from if you haven't already ;-)

The blog is hosted on Blogger and integrated with the domain, with DNS provided by (thank you, I love you guys!). I've previously blogged about this setup.

The DNS settings allow me to point the default Blogger URL ( to via a CNAME record. When I noticed the MyBrand option in FeedBurner, I naturally jumped at yet another CNAME/ branding opportunity! Sad geek, yes... 

Anyway, the setup was a bit finicky so I thought I'd detail it here. 

To start, I created a FeedBurner account and burned my feed by pointing FeedBurner to That presumably adds me to the FeedBurner database and syndicates my content through FeedBurner but it doesn't tell Blogspot about the connection so my Subscribe button goes to the default Blogspot address and I get not FeedBurner subscription stats. That's one of the key points for me. 

Next up, I clicked into My Account --> MyBrand in FeedBurner. MyBrand is PRO feature but all their PRO features seem to be free now (thanks Google!?). This page tells you to create a new CNAME record so I did that at Fully Qualified Domain as, Record Type as CNAME, Record Value as I then entered my address into the MyBrand page and activated the service. 

Finally I told Blogger about the change under Settings --> Site Feed. The Post Feed Redirect URL I supplied was because the Blogger default ( was returning a FeedBurner error page complaining about 404. 

As a PS, I then created a new subscribe chicklet in FeedBurner and added it to this blog. It created the subscribe URL using the original URL I supplied when first burning the feed so I updated that manually in the HTML. 

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