Thursday 9 October 2008

Man Down

We lose a good man here on Friday. Elliot's been a gun programmer since his debut as a quirky 17 year-old work experience student nearly two years ago. I had my doubts about yoof in general back then--nearing thirty, as I am--but Elliot's earned his keep many times over (his keep being negligible as a state government contractor). 

Elliot's one of those people you meet in life who keep the world interesting. He's still a young fella but the potential he's demonstrated during his time at Tourism suggests he can go wherever he wants with his career and his life. Apart from being a strong developer with a keen interest in everything code, he's got an outstanding personality for a geek. He can flirt with the CEO between debugging lines of code and chewing random pieces of metal. As a dev, he's got an incredible knack for quickly thinking through a problem, weighing up solutions, and implementing a feature-rich app in under ten minutes. 

I was one of the first team members to work with the guy when he arrived in early 2007 and while I like to think I may have contributed something to his professional development I know in reality his own drive and raw brain power make him who he is. It would blow your mind to hear about some of the MOSS-integrated applications he's written on a whim. 

Elliot's been poached by our venerable BA, who runs his own contracting firm; he's now off to the Department of Education and Training in Perth to rock out with his cock out, no doubt, and do some crazy MOSS 2007 and CRM mashup. 

Memorable highlights have to include the green suit, wookie sounds, fire alarm tip-offs, and the didgeridoo; I'll leave it up to the team to add to that list as comments.

Dude, it's been great working with you over the last while and while it's not going to be the same around the office without you, I know you'll fly no matter what you do or where you're working. Your contribution has been massive and it's been an abosolute pleasure working with you. We'll miss you buddy ;-)



  1. That was nice Mike!

    I have said in jest, many a time to people as they leave, "Miss you already". This time I sincerely mean it.

    Thanks for the memories mate :)
    Good times. Good luck.

  2. l33t speak and monkey grip. Dude!

  3. variation.exe -trans is my favourite

  4. The Nelson Mandela jacket? :)

  5. This still makes me smile :)


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