Friday 6 February 2009

SQL Server Results to CSV

I'm sure all you DBA types out there have an elegant, simple mechanism for saving results to a .csv file but I'm not a DBA and get frustrated trying to find the best way to do this every time I'm faced with a "reporting" task. I normally run my query as text, save the results as a .csv and then File->Open in Excel before trying to tell Excel how the data is delimited. This works well in some cases but it's long winded and the bugly .csv wizard thing always seems to split on commas even when I tell it not to (that's .csv for you, I guess!).

Well, no more! I found a gem of a little tool today for doing exactly what I need and it's simple and doesn't get in the way. The UI even works the way I'd write a UI for this kind of tool!

There's no installer so run the .exe and from there in it's just like a normal Visual Studio database connection picker thing: specify the server name, the database name, supply your credentials. Once that's done, paste in a query, and specify the output file and you're done! It even converts bit fields to true/false strings!

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