Monday 6 April 2009 makes the top 10 MOSS sites

It was really cool to be listed on various MOSS-tracking sites back in the day when was launched nearly two years ago but to be picked out—on a top 10 list by Joel Oleson, next to Ferrari, Cadbury, and Engergizer, no less—at this point in time is incredible.

Joel in particular comments on our “great search” but I wonder if he knows it’s not running on MOSS search or the BDC? Searching for tourism western australia moss and tourism western australia bdc brings up some pesky, ancient postings by Angus Logan—a Softie who was previously involved with the site, our move from MCMS to MOSS, and the initial decision to do search with the BDC. These post would have you believe we’re running happily with the OOB MOSS search and the BDC; this is definitely not the case and we’ve actually written our own custom search solution.

If you’re interested in the custom branding work we do at Tourism, have a look at the list of Some of the MOSS sites I’ve Worked On in the sidebar. is certainly a last example but the other tourism sites have all been provisioned on the same farm from a single site def/feature set.

As a parting comment, looking at the number of heavily-customised MOSS sites out there these days, it occurred to me that maybe this stuff isn't really all that hard to do anymore ;-)

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